How To Keep Away From Gift Card Scams

Sep 27

There are many tricksters who are taking advantage of the demand for gift cards to trick people into parting with their money or personal contact information. It is important for consumers to be aware of the common gift card scams and avoid getting tricked or cheated.   Beware Of E-mails Promising Free Gift Cards Yet another article posted on the memberoneblog...

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Get Great Products with Serious Savings at BidSerious

Sep 25

You have seen a commercial or two about websites that advertise auctioned items for pennies on the dollar. These websites are commonly referred to as penny auction websites. However, these penny auctions websites aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Many times consumers will try out these sites only to walk away disappointed, ripped off and angry.   The...

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Auction Websites Are A Popular Destination Among Online Shopping Enthusiasts

Sep 20

A majority of online shopping enthusiasts log on to auction websites to scout for the best deals on a variety of products. These auction websites offer many advantages to users. Not only do people enjoy good discounts on a variety of branded products, they can also have fun participating in the bidding process. The auction sites provide convenience to users,...

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How The Cheapest Penny Auctions Make Their Money Online

Sep 16

Over the years, hundreds of new penny auction websites have started surfacing online generating millions of dollars in profit from unsuspecting consumers who are looking for ways to save money. To make money, some of the cheapest penny auctions have technology in place to make certain that bidders part with their money. In addition, many online penny auction...

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How To Ensure That You Get A Good Deal At Online Auctions

Sep 12

Many online auction websites claim to offer discounts up to 80-90% off the retail price of an item. Are these claims justified? Or is it just one of those marketing gimmicks designed to attract unsuspecting people into the world of auctions? For example,, a penny action website, recently issued a press release guaranteeing customers savings of up to 50%...

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