Do’s and Dont’s of New Auction Sites

Apr 22

doBy now you should know that eBay is not the only online auction game in town. Nowadays there are dozens of websites where you can bid on electronics, gift cards and other types of prizes for very low prices. If you are new to discount auction websites, this post will outline the do’s and don’ts of making your way to the winner’s circle.

DO: Know the Rules and Regulations

Whenever you play any game for the first time, you always need to know the rules. Placing a bid on a discount auction website is no different. Knowing the rules not only helps you orient yourself to the online culture of auction websites such as BidSerious. Being aware of a discount auction website’s rules ensures that you will keep your prize should you win an auction. You do not want to finally win that MacBook, only to lose it after finding out that you broke a rule. Now that would be a bummer.

DO: Be a Good Community Member

When you join any online community, it is important to contribute positively to the culture. This means following the website’s rules, observing and heeding to the various tics of a particular community, and being a good winner. The last is especially important as fostering ill will in a discount auction website community not only does not put you in a good light in the eyes of the auction website’s owners and members, karma will definitely come back to bite you in the behind. So be a good winner, help out other members whenever you can, and don’t cheat!

DON’T: Buy Too Many Bids at the Beginning

When you first join a discount auction website such as BidSerious, you will be introduced to different bid packages. While it may be tempting to buy a package that consists of a thousand bids, you might want to rethink this strategy. If you are new to discount auctions, you will need to observe a couple of them to discover bidding trends, the best and worst times of the day for auctions, and any other tics that are particular to the website.

After you have finished your observation period, you will need to start bidding. Unless you are the best discount auction bidder that has ever lived, you are going to do a lot of losing during the learning process. Trial and error is the best way to develop a strategy that will give you an edge in discount auctions, so just buy enough bids to test the waters and see if you like participating in these contests.

DON’T: Focus on the Big Prizes at the Beginning

When you first join a discount auction website, you will probably gravitate towards the laptops, cameras, televisions, and other big prizes. Since a lot more people bid on the high-caliber prizes, these auctions are a lot harder to win. When you first start out, try out your new bidding strategies on auctions for gift cards with lower amounts. This will allow you to get your feet wet and hone your stealth bidding methods.

If you come away from this article with one major “do”, it should be to take time to get your bearings in any new discount auction website you join. Taking your time to learn the website’s culture, bidding trends, and the best strategies will give you a much better chance at winning a major prize.

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