Gift Ideas For Your Next Anniversary

Apr 09

GiftCards_BnrAnniversaries are a big event, whether 1 year, 5 years, or 10 or more years. Every year you celebrate that one day that you finally met the person you want to spend forever with. The question always comes about, though, as to what should you get them? Flowers? Chocolate? Dinner? All of those are great ideas, but they’re predictable and over-done. Try some more personalized and unique gifts this year.

Scavenger Hunt

Instead of simply putting some flowers and a card on the table, make a little game out of gift giving. Leave clues around the house or other common places you and your significant other frequent as to where the next item or clue is. Leave small gifts along the way leading up to the main one. Be creative and personal with your gifts! If you know your significant other loves frogs, leave a frog pendant along the way.

Comedy Show

A little spin on your traditional date night dinners, comedy shows are perfect for couples. People tend to laugh at comedy, and laughing is an excellent way to create positive energy, happy memories, and bond with your special someone. Many clubs also serve dinner and have private booths so you can have a little privacy while watching the show.

Amusement Parks

Definitely not your traditional “happy anniversary!” present, but a great option. As long as your spouse enjoys roller coasters and rides, amusement parks are a great way to run around building positive memories and having fun together. Splurge and buy that picture of you two riding that big roller coaster so you’ll forever remember that day.

Relax By The Pool

Dependent on climate, of course, but a day by the pool may be just what your loved one needs. Make some cocktails and put them in plastic containers if you’d like and spend the day relaxing by the pool and water. It is a perfect place to lay and talk together, wade around in the water, and get some sun which is excellent for boosting your mood. You can even picnic a lunch and be lazy the entire day!

Day At The Spa

This might seem more like a woman’s gift, but it could be great for men, too! Spas aren’t just for hair and nails. You can buy gift cards online, at websites like, or in store at your local spa and give them to your significant other on that special day. Facials, mud baths, and especially full body massages are appreciated by everyone and a great way to show you care about them and want them to have a day of total relaxation because of it.

Anniversaries don’t have to be the same gifts over and over! Be creative and take your loved one somewhere special to you guys. Or, at the very least, turn those flowers into a personal bouquet of their favorite, or hand-make your chocolates. Take non-traditional dates, as listed above, for some added fun on your special day.

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