New Gift Card Scams That Customers Should Be Aware Of

Apr 24

scamThere are many people who enjoy cheating people of their money by scheming new ways to gather sensitive personal or financial information. Customers should be aware of these new scams and avoid parting with such information with strangers. This article highlights some of the recent gift card scams that have come to light recently.

Postcards Claiming Gift Card Eligibility

Be on your guard when you receive postcards in your mailbox, claiming gift card eligibility of a certain sum from a popular retail store. The postcards will carry a contact number that the intended recipients will be expected to call. The contact person will then instruct the recipients to share their credit card details to cover shipping costs for the gift cards. This is where the danger lies and where susceptible people will likely fall in the trap. Fraudsters can then take advantage of sensitive information like credit card details shared by customers.

Wes Wade said in a recent news article:

“Ron Watson said he and his mother both received postcards last week claiming they were eligible for $100 gift cards good at Walmart or Target. The postcards also come printed with a 9-digit claim number.

Watson said when he called, he was asked for his credit card number to pay for a shipping fee for his gift card. His mother called, too, and was asked to pay about $4 more to cover shipping costs.”

Emails Announcing Gift Card Eligibility

Another way in which fraudsters can trick customers into parting with personal information is by sending unsolicited emails with a request to register for a prize. When people share their personal contact information, they will inadvertently end up providing their data to tricksters who will sell the information to third parties. This results in more spamming and more such e-mails, designed to cheat you of your money.

As Dana Dratch reported in a recent news article:

“Be alert to any demand for personal information, or that you buy something to get a prize. Scammers will try to keep you on the hook to harvest as much cash and information as they can.”

Customers should be alert and avoid sharing sensitive information with strangers or third parties. The promise of a free gift card is enough to entice people to part with this information. Hence, customers should practice caution when they receive intimation about eligibility for a free gift card.

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