Top 10 Tips For Winning Online Auctions

Apr 17

online_auctionPenny auctions are ideal for anyone interested in purchasing various items at rock bottom prices. Winning penny auctions is not as easy as many may think. Thousands of people around the globe place their bids on penny auction sites daily. This makes it extremely competitive for newcomers who are not familiar with the sound principles that can improve their chances of winning. Let’s go over ten tips that can help you secure success with online auctions.

Understand the Rules

Every auction site has its own rules. It is vital that you learn the rules. Violating the rules can put you in a position where you may be disqualified from participating in future auctions.

Learn and Observe

It would be a grave mistake for you to begin placing your bids on an auction site before learning the ropes. You should make an earnest effort to learn how the site works. Learning how the site works and observing the behavior of other bidders will give you a chance to secure successful bids in the future.

Manage Your Emotions

Many experienced bidders are well-known for taking full advantage of new bidders. Novices are notorious for overbidding on merchandise. Experienced bidders will place a high bid on merchandise with the intentions of raising the stakes. This is a trap that will entice novice bidders to buy items at an overinflated price. It is important for you to manage your emotions during the auction. This simple tip alone can help you avoid paying too much money for merchandise on penny auction sites.


The excitement of online auctions can overwhelm anyone. Many people are under the impression that they will win every auction. You will not win every auction! Patience is the key to experiencing success with online auctions.

Don’t Underestimate Small Auction Sites

You should never underestimate small auction sites. Auction sites such as Bid Serious offers many wonderful deals throughout the entire week. Small auction sites also offer some of the same merchandise that is available on more popular larger online auction sites.

Focused Bids

You should only participate in one auction at a time. Multi-bids can deter you from being focused. A loss of focus can put you in a position where you may lose all your bids.

Avoid Auctions with Too Many Participants

It will be very difficult for you to have success with auctions that have too many participants. You should wait until five or less bidders are participating in the auction. Auctions with a small number of bidders are easier to win.

Place Your Bids Late

This is an old trick that has been used by many successful online auction bidders over the years. You should place your bid when there are eleven minutes left in the auction. This will surprise other bidders and improve your chances of winning. Placing your bids late will also help you conserve time.

Avoid Purchasing Bid Packs

Bid packs are very attractive, but they also breed competition. It can be very challenging for anyone to win with bid packs.

Due Diligence

You should always perform your due diligence before jumping into a live auction. Your due diligence will help you avoid overpaying for auction items.

Online auctions give everyone a golden opportunity to buy popular items at very low prices. This is the main reason why their popularity will continue to increase over time. Following the ten tips above is the key to winning penny auctions consistently.

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